Industrial service
Vokzalnaya St., 18 B, Krasnogorsk,
Moscow Region, 143405




Dear colleagues and partners! We are glad to inform you that this year we participate in the event Mining World Russia, which takes place from 23.04–25.04 (Moscow, Crocus Expo exhibition center). We invite everyone to visit our stand!




The team of the group of companies "MMK Mosintrast" congratulates all friends, colleagues and partners on the coming New year. Colleagues, please accept my sincere gratitude for the effective cooperation in the past year, it has helped to overcome many difficulties and maintain stability. We hope that next year we will have a successful joint path, a lot of successful starts and implemented projects. Partners, let the New year you will have as many pleasant surprises as the days of the year and every morning of the new day brings only good news, new reasons for happiness. We wish you successful business development, implementation of ambitious plans, profitable projects, implementation of your most daring decisions, and let you always have a backup strategy at the right moment!




From the face of "MMK Mosintrast" we congratulate you on holiday — Day of Russia! Russia is a young state, but the Russian land has deep historical roots, and the Russian people carry particles of the great Russian culture. Today, on the day of Russia, let us remember this and feel our common strength and power. Let us together continue to build the future of Russia with dignity and teach our children. Happy holidays!




On behalf of MMK Mosintrast, we congratulate you on the glorious day that proclaimed the triumph of peace and Victory Day. Let this great holiday be peaceful and calm in your heart and soul, let your loved ones be healthy and happy. Take care of peace and harmony, appreciate life, sacred honor the feat of his people.




MMC Mosintrast took part in the first International Exhibition of Mining Industry "GORPROMEXPO-2018" and the IVth National Mining Forum.


CONGRATULATIONS On the 8th of March!


Our beautiful, charming ladies and wonderful colleagues, we congratulate you on the International Women's Day! On this beautiful spring day we whole-heartedly wish you joy, love and prosperity! Spring mood to you, health, happiness, harmony and warmth in your homes. Let the smiles and admiration be the companions of your success! Let you are daily and hourly surrounded by love and attention of your loved ones and close people! Sincerely, the men's team of MMC Mosintrast.


On February 23!


The staff of "MMK Mosintrast" congratulates all men On the day of the defender of the Fatherland. We wish you to remain a reliable support for your family and friends, courage and bravery to family members in the military service, health and well-being of veterans. Let this holiday be full of joy, smiles and home warmth in these frosty days.


Happy New Year 2018!


The team of the group of companies "MMK "Mosintrast" congratulates all its customers and colleagues with the coming new year. For us, the outgoing year was intense and successful. We have carried out many major projects and exceeded the plan. We celebrated a big anniversary-the 25th anniversary of commercial activity. We bought a new office and celebrated the housewarming. And now we are entering the next quarter of a century with an optimistic Outlook on the future. We hope that the new year will be beneficial for all, and cooperation will continue to be mutually beneficial. We wish you all health, family and financial well-being, good mood and economic stability. Let the holidays passing unnoticed leave a lot of pleasant impressions, and return to the working track will be easy and relaxed.


Attention! We moved office place!


We are pleased to announce that the company's office has moved to a new spacious building. We are now located at the address: MO, g. Krasnogorsk, Vokzalnaya str., 18 B.


25th anniversary of the company


On may 14, 2017 MMK mosintrast celebrates the 25th anniversary of The company. Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience that allows us to develop dynamically and move forward. We are not afraid of challenges. We introduce technologies that make our clients ' business more efficient. We want to say more thanks to our customers and partners for the long relationship that is growing stronger every year! We congratulate our entire team on this significant date!


"The one who knows how to have a good rest works well"


Once again ZAO MMK Mosintrast said the New 2017 in a big way. Corporate event was a success. In honor of the successful completion of the financial year were invited artists with stunning dance numbers. As part of the corporate event was awarded a particularly distinguished employees, whose contribution is noticeable in the history of the company. In addition, a lottery with the main prize - a liquid crystal TV-was arranged for all employees of the company.


Participation in the VI all-Russian Congress of miners


On November 25, 2016, the VI all-Russian Congress of miners was held at the Congress center of the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation. Many issues related to the mining industry were discussed at the Congress. As part of the Congress, the General Director of MMK Mosintrast Goncharov Alexander Borisovich made a report "Maintenance of equipment in the mining industry."


Seminar for cement industry enterprises


On September 19-23 at the center of building materials industry specialists of MMK "Mosintrast" spoke at the seminar with relevant topics for managers and specialists of mechanical services of the cement industry.


Miner's Week 2016


On January 27, 2016 our company took part in the seminar №24 "Modern technologies in mining engineering", which was held in the framework of the XXIV International scientific Symposium "miner's Week-2016" from 25 to 29 January 2016 at the Mining Institute of nust "MISIS". The seminar included presentations of Professor Tulinov A. B. and the head of service of Maintenance and repair Perepechay B. A.


Repair, restoration and modernization of dust and gas cleaning and aspiration systems


The MMK Mosintrast company carries out the works connected with repair, restoration and modernization of dust and gas cleaning and aspiration systems at the enterprises of the mining, pulp and paper, cement industry, and also at the enterprises for processing of lime, production of construction materials and the enterprises of a heat power complex.


Composite material


International Moscow Corporation "Mosintrast" informs you about the provision of services for the supply of material "Multiplast" and carrying out repair work by filling the cavity of cone crushers and ball mills composite. The Mosintrast company is the only developer of the Multiplast material in the territory of the Russian Federation which represents the two-component polymeric composition consisting of binding fillers and pigments.Specialists of the company developed specifications and all necessary instructions according to which, the material "Multiplast"is made and used.


Industrial exhibition PAP-FOR 2014


This year Mosintrast Corporation took part in the largest event of the pulp and paper industry in Eastern Europe, presenting all new products, innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies of the industry in one place.


"Because, that on 9 girls in Mosintrast fifty guys!"


On March 8, men congratulated the small female staff of the company! Recited poems, gave gifts and even sang songs!


February 23 in Russia — Fatherland defender day


As you know, in the US and Europe, unlike Russia to celebrate February 23 is not accepted, the analogue of this holiday is July 22, the day of fathers. But we are in Russia and the staff of our company is 90% male! February 23've had a beautiful and feminine part of MMK! Lovely ladies congratulated the colleagues, men received the most sincere congratulations and gifts!


What will the new year 2014 bring us?!


Our company celebrated the most favorite and kindest holiday in the restaurant "to Love in Russian", with charming gymnasts and talented musicians. Songs, dances, catchy competitions - all this gave a wonderful mood to colleagues and friends.