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Seminar for cement industry enterprises

In the center of building materials industry on September 19-23, the specialists of MMK "Mosintrast" spoke at the seminar with relevant topics for managers and specialists of mechanical services of the cement industry.

The event was held on September 19-23, 2016 at the International industrial Academy in Moscow. The seminar was attended by representatives of large cement plants, such as holsim (Rus), Lafarzhcement, Bukhtarma cement company, Serebryansky cement plant, Lipetsk Repair, etc.

During the seminar, the heads of diagnostic and Maintenance areas spoke about new areas in the field of examination of the technical condition of cement equipment, discussed the methods of instrumental and "hot reconciliation" to prevent emergency stops. They shared their experience in the organization of maintenance and restoration of cement equipment in order to ensure its reliability.