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Pulp and paper

Grinding of the working surfaces of drying, refrigerating and Yankee cylinders

The technology of grinding drying, Yankee, refrigerating cylinders is aimed at restoring the geometric dimensions (eliminating ovality, barrel-, taper-shape, etc.) and preparing the surface for spraying. A portable belt-grinding unit developed by the specialists of MMC Mosintrast is used in work. This method allows performing work without dismantling the equipment in the shortest possible terms.

Grinding and polishing of the working surfaces of the Yankee cylinders

Given the high sensitivity of technological production of thin grades of papers on machines with the Yankee cylinders, when the errors in the operation of some units (headbox, grid table) can not compensate for the intensification of the operation of other units (press, drying cylinders), it is very important for operation of these machines to identify and eliminate these errors. Restoring the Yankee cylinders is a rather high-tech process, requiring high qualification of engineers and workers.

Application of the carbide-Teflon coating "Piko M Klin"

MMC Mosintrast has a technology of applying wear-resistant coating "Piko M Klin" by the method of supersonic spraying in order to protect the equipment from mechanical and corrosive wear. The "Piko M Klin" coating is a combined "carbide-Teflon" coating with a unique "non-stick" property.

Applying "Piko M Frick" coating with a high coefficient of friction on the bearing shafts of the longitudal cutting machines

The "Piko M Frik" coating is used as a technological coating on the bearing shafts of longitudinal cutting machines (OLS), cylinders of surface-type winders, spreader rolls of paper and cardboard machines, pressure rollers. Carbide coating, providing a good frictional surface, is applied by supersonic spraying.

Lining on rotary kilns (limekilns) as part of overhaul

Fireproof works provide:

  • Pouring foundations on furnace drives
  • Shotcrete of arches, walls, discharge wells of rotating furnaces
  • Installation of insulating material ("bonding" and "ring" type)
  • Application of refractory concrete in zones of chain curtains
  • Masonry of refractory materials

After performing the work, the company's specialists provide a technical report with recommendations for further operation, an analysis of the work done and a detailed photoreport.

Overhaul of rotary kilns (limekilns), (replacement of shells, restoration of support units, repair of the main drive gearbox, replacement and revolution of the crown gear, replacement of the pinion gear, replacement of the hydraulic thrust roller)

Works for the overhaul of rotary kilns:

  • Restoration of the system of hydraulic thrust rollers;
  • Replacement of pipelines and metal structures;
  • Replacement or repair of recuperators;
  • Replacement and revolutions of the crown and pinion gear;
  • Replacement of shells (sub-bondage, serial);
  • Repackaging of bondages;
  • Repair and replacement of support rollers;
  • Replacement of heat exchangers (chain curtain);
  • Repair of cold and hot kiln end;
  • Repair and replacement of clinker, bucket and belt conveyors;
  • Repair and replacement of smoke exhausters, cyclones and fans;
  • Repair and replacement of drives, reducers and electric motors;
  • Welding and surfacing;
  • Assembly and dismantling;
  • Commissioning.

Linear-tool alignment of rotary kilns (limekilns) in a static position

A set of measures for determining the correspondence of the actual geometric axis of the equipment to the design and operational position:

Includes the following measurements:

  • Actual slope of the unit per supports
  • Actual sizes of rollers and bandages
  • Deviations of the elevation marks of axes of roller bearings from the design position by bearing cases
  • Measuring the unit drive, including the drive position relative to the unit axis

"Hot Adjustment" diagnostic complex (alignment without interrupting the technological process of rotating limekilns)

Adjustment of the kiln position without interrupting the technological process, building 3D models of the unit housings.

This method does not depend on the temperature (in contrast to remote measurements using laser equipment)

The "Hot Adjustment" diagnostic complex includes:

  • Adjustment of the kiln axis of rotation in the horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Adjustment of the support roller position.
  • Adjustment of the position of the support roller foundation frames.
  • Adjustment of rotary kiln drives.
  • Drafting report technical documentation on the "hot alignment".

Teflonization of the internal surface of walls, bottoms and covers of headboxes, as well as the surfaces of perforated rollers

For more efficient headbox operation, our company has developed a technology for applying Piko M Micro Teflon coating on the inner surfaces of the walls and bottoms, the surfaces of perforated rollers and the tube flow distributors of the headbox.