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Audit of equipment

Based on the service under the RCM program, our company has developed and successfully applies the following types of equipment monitoring:

Assessment of the technical condition of equipment with drafting of acts of technical inspection for each unit of equipment.

Classification of defects in equipment and their analysis. For each failure, its root cause and measures for the elimination and prevention of specific defects are determined.

For each type of equipment, software is developed for the technical condition parameters. The critical values and the weighting factor are determined for each parameter.

A weighted average complex indicator – the index of the state (reliability) of the equipment will be calculated based on the developed parameters for monitoring the technical condition of the equipment. The value of the state (reliability) index reflects the actual technical condition of the equipment and the zone of its functional failure.

For each type of equipment, flowcharts of its maintenance are developed. Each operation is normalized stating the number of standard hours for its performance.

Based on the results of the technical audit, it becomes possible to plan projects for the development of asset management systems, diagnostic systems, a clear idea of the state of equipment.